Retail / Office Premises

Station Street, Bowral NSW



  • To maximise the potential yield of a small sloping site squeezed between a major through road and the southern railway line at Bowral.

  • Retain the established oak tree on the front fašade.

  • Create a simple, modern high tech building with a striking appearance and ample natural lighting.

  • Provide adequate insulation from heat and noise from the adjacent railway line.

  • Outcome
  • The building provides a comfortable and quiet environment to its employees with interesting vistas to Oxley Hill to the west and Mt Gibraltar to the north.

  • A difficult site is provided with an eye catching simple building which maximises floor area and comfort for its occupants.

  • The building sits comfortably in its constricted location and responds to the streetscape in an innovative and eye catching way.

  • a claire ashby site