Private Residence

Wollondilly Shire, NSW

Not Available


  • Integrate the existing house footprint and slab into the new design, taking full advantage of the northern orientation of the site and views of the property.

  • Create an open planned central living space linked with the kitchen offering connectivity to the exterior with adequate natural lighting and good solar access.

  • Maximise views and ventilation by removal of solid walls and use of sliding doors.
  • Balance the increased space requirements of a young family with the budgetary constraints.

  • Outcome
  • The renovations have produced a modern country home with a unique architectural character, interesting features and carefully selected finishes.

  • Extensive glazing links the interior and exterior spaces and floods the rooms with ample natural light.

  • The living spaces allow maximum enjoyment of the northern orientation and property views, as well as of the outdoor spaces including the garden and pool area.

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