OEG Huts

Hume Highway, Sutton Forest NSW



  • To design a structure which provides varying levels of enclosure and shelter to groups of students in an isolated bush setting.

  • A base from which students can develop an understanding of their impact on the environment and ways of minimising this impact which they can then take back to their ‘civilised’ life.

  • A haven in the bush for groups of students from which outdoor remote activities can be undertaken.

  • 6 huts were proposed on a riverfront bush property to have negligible impact on the existing natural environment.

  • Outcome
  • Each hut has feature stained walls using colours taken from each site (eg. Purple/grey bark from a typical Eucalypt, yellow sandstone etc.)

  • Biloela is the local Aboriginal word for black cockatoo. The design of the huts roofs is an interpretation of this with a bird like central curved roof ‘body’ and upswept ‘wings’ to either side.

  • a claire ashby site